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Trouble communicating clearly in online community

Trouble communicating clearly in online community

I’m feeling raw and anxious, jittery and and edgy. The tears are welling up from the sadness and anger chasing each other around inside of my head and my heart.

The thoughts are popping and the emotions are hopping all over the place. As usual, way too much is going on in my life all at the same time. Some of what’s going on is probably being in the hypomanic cycle and the affects the weather has…

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Unexpected Grief

Keith, just called to let me know his cat, Sassy, just died in his arms.

I feel grief welling up for a cat who never connected with me.

Sassy’s mama was a kitty named Singe, who came to be a very important member of our family for my oldest daughter, whom I call The Delightful One.

Singe had escaped and stayed out overnight. About a month later, around the same time I discovered I was expecting…

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What the heck is a #themeku (and how can I get involved?!)

Lillian Moffitt:

Hey everybody. I know my blogging has been rather sporadic this year. Just so much to deal with in my roller coaster life. I’ve been getting more engaged IRL by attending writer’s groups and a few socialization events. I’ve also been one of the (volunteer) project managers for something known as #Themeku through the Ku (formerly Heyku) Creative Social Media App. Currently it’s…

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We are recruiting volunteer theme setters for July and August. If you would like to provide a prompt, whether it’s your first time or if you’ve done it before, here’s what to do:

* Send prompts to:

* New volunteers - Subject: FIRST PROMPT.

* Previous volunteers - Subject: PROMPT.

* Include: Ku name, prompt word or phrase

* Alternate submission method: Kik (app) to kwunilicious or Donna5150 [IMPORTANT: choose only ONE method, email or Kik to submit the same prompt]

* Receive confirmation with assigned prompt date within 5 days. If you don’t receive a confirmation email within 5 days, feel free to email a reminder.

* Set a notification/reminder to write Prompt Ku and post by 10 pm Eastern the night before assigned date.

* Tag TaiChi1, kwunilicious, LillianEMoffitt, and LadyDonna and use #themeku when posting your Prompt Ku

* If your Prompt Ku isn’t posted by 10 pm Eastern the night before, kwunilicious, TaiChi1, LillianEMoffit, or LadyDonna will post back up Prompt Ku using the prompt you submitted by email.

* Volunteers will be scheduled according to these guidelines:

* First time volunteers will be assigned with the first available date.

* Volunteers who have provided fewer prompts will be scheduled sooner.

* Prompts will be scheduled in order received if there are no new volunteers and existing prompters have submitted the same number of prompts.

* Submit questions, concerns, and comments

* Have fun! #doodle #themeku #haiku @Kwunilicious@TaiChi1 @LadyDonna

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